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Аміра Абді біографія, школа танців Аміра

Amira Rafaeli (Abdi)

Amira Rafaeli (Abdi) is a professional choreographer and dancer of oriental dances, orientalist, director and producer of concert shows.

Also, Amira Rafaeli (Abdi) is a multiple champion of Ukraine in oriental dances in various categories, winner of the title Bellydancer of the World 2018 (Germany, Duisburg) and a finalist of the world-famous show Romania Got Talent in 2019.

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Education in the field of choreography:

  • National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts, department of folk choreography,  Masters Degree in  folklore choreopraphy

  • Arabesque Dance Academy, Toronto, Canada - Advanced course in oriental dance and culture for teachers of oriental dance.


Other education:

  •  Kyiv National Polytechnical University – faculty of linguistics, Mastres Degree in linguistics

  • A special course in Arabic language and culture at the Embassy of Libya in Ukraine.

  •   Natalia Naida's School of Makeup


Dance career

        Amira started studying dance at the age of 8, studying in depth the folklore dances together with the basics of modern and classical dance. At  at the age of 14, she began to study oriental dances on her own, and later performed on stage, at different events and corporate parties, where she had great success with the audience. She also received numerous offers to teach oriental dance lessons to women.

    To improve her knowledge of oriental dance and culture, Amira travels to the countries of the Middle East, taking master classes from the best masters of oriental dance. She visited Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, India, Malaysia, UAE, Algeria and Tunisia.

    In Cairo, Amira Rafaeli (Abdi) took an individual course in Egyptian folk dance from the founder of the National Ensemble of Egypt, Mahmoud Reda, as well as from its outstanding former soloist the ensemble, which is often called the Mother of Egyptian Belly dance - Raqia Hassan

   In 2002, Amira began to give individual lessons of oriental dances to numerous fans, and in 2003_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58 she already attended the first year of an oriental dance school in Kyiv. .  From 2003 to 2020, she is the head of the "Amira" dance group, the main choreographer and organizer of oriental dance concerts on the basis of the Central House of Officers.

      From 2003 to 2012  Amira Rafaeli (Abdi) together with the group of her students represented Ukraine at the Nilegroup and Ahlan Wa Sahlan International Oriental Dance Festivals in Cairo, where they participated in numerous master classes of world-famous oriental dance stars.

In July 2006, together with her students, Amira presented Ukraine for the first time at the International Oriental Dance Festival "Amani" in Beirut (Lebanon) and became an honorary representative of this festival in Ukraine. In Beirut, she studied Lebanese folk dances in depth and was certified by the teachers of the "Amani" festival.

      In 2008, Amira Rafaeli (Abdi) organized the first festival in Kyiv as an international oriental dance competition, "Arabian" judges and teachers of world-famous oriental dance choreographers: Magdi El Lacy (Egypt), Shahlo (Uzbekistan), Leila Giovanna and Roland (Germany). She also organized the visit to Ukraine and master classes of the world-famous Lebanese dancer Amani f Lebanon.

      In 2009, Amira Rafaeli (Abdi) founded the first professional oriental dance ensemble in Ukraine, named after the ancient Sumerian goddess of love Ishtar".

Later, Amira changed the format of the ensemble, expanding it and making it accessible to anyone who wants to learn and dance on stage.

      In 2017, the Amira Rafaeli (Abdi) Oriental Dance Ensemble received the honorary title of People's Collective.

During the work of the dance school, Amira trained and brought to the stage a galaxy of performers and teachers of oriental dance, who became laureates of all-Ukrainian and international competitions, and teach oriental dance in Ukraine and abroad.

    Charitable creative activity of the Amira Oriental dance Co.

    In 2014, 2015, 2016   Amira Rafaeli (Abdi)  organized charity concerts of the Amira Dance School in cooperation with the Charity Foundation , on the basis of the Central House of Officers, where   fundraising for ATO soldiers and a children's cancer hospital was held.

    From 2004 to 2020   Amira Rafaeli (Abdi) and her folk ensemble participated in concerts organized by the Department of Culture of Ukrainian Ministry of Defence  in military institutions, hospitals, military units for ATO participants, conscripts, cadets, officers and members of their families, war and labour veterans.

    In 2018, Amira and a group of artists from the Central Committee of the Armed Forces visited the ATO zone, where she took part in concerts for servicemen.

    During her creative career, Amira Abdi's show programs were presented at the best concert venues in Ukraine and abroad, in fashionable hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs.

    Amira also took part in programs on the First National, TET, 1+1, K1, Ukraine, NLO TV channels, repeatedly gave interviews as an expert - Oriental Studies on the First Channel of the National Radio of Ukraine and Radio Armiya FM

    In 2022-2023 Amira Abdi continued her creative activity in the city of Białystok in Poland, teaching oriental dances in the best dance schools of the city _cc781905-5cde39b -136bad5cf58d_Fenix, Dance Me, Latin Studio, Artea and participating in festive show programs, the most beautiful event of which was the Charity Ball organized by the noble ladies of the Order of St. Rites (Staropolski Bal Charytatywny)



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