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Updated: Apr 1, 2023

1.Belly Dance is suitable for everyone. Unlike ballet, oriental dance does not require any specific physical parameters or age restrictions from dancers. Among the successful dancers there are representatives of luxurious forms and miniature, very young and of respectable age, with any skin and hair colour, because the main thing is the desire to learn and develop. The beauty and attractiveness of oriental dance depends entirely on the technical arsenal and skill of the performer, its emotional fullness and content.

2. Unleash your femininity. The modern lifestyle requires a woman's determination, fortitude and strength of mind. A fast gait, tense and sharp movements, a piercing and firm gaze have become necessary attributes of a modern strong woman, while pushing into the background the manifestations of natural female sexuality, such as lightness and fluidity of gestures, graceful physique, a relaxed smile and the ability to relax and enjoy the moment. Oriental dancing will help you to return to your natural feminine essence, activate your sexual energy, and feel attractive and desirable.

3. Get rid of those extra pounds. Oriental dancing is a great way to burn extra calories, because during training all muscle groups are harmoniously exercised, blood circulation in the pelvic area improves, tissues are saturated with oxygen, coordination and flexibility improve.

4.Give yourself a holiday. The need to work hard, make important decisions and be on time everywhere often causes emotional and physical exhaustion, which leads to poor mood and well-being, and sometimes depression. By taking oriental dancing classes, you will immerse yourself in the magical world of oriental aesthetics, which refers not only to the plasticity of movement, but also to the very atmosphere of training, music and attire. This is a great way to switch off from everyday worries and enjoy every minute of your workout.

5. Train your memory. By learning new moves, memorising combinations and whole routines, you train different types of memory: imaginative, motor and emotional. This prevents the brain from aging, keeps it young and lively

6. Take care of your spine. The belly dance technique is based on the mobility of the spine, so the training is aimed at improving its physical condition, the ability to distribute tension and control each of its parts.

7. Surprise your loved one and friends with an unusual performance that they will remember for a long time.

8. Feel the freedom of expression. Dance is a body language set to music. Oriental dances have a huge arsenal of movements. During the training, we learn elements of Egyptian and Turkish belly dancing, as well as folk dances from different countries of the Middle East, and learn solo and group performances. Master the skill of expressing feelings in movement, choose music that inspires you and tell your own story.

9. Realise your childhood dream of being on stage. If you have always dreamed of performing on stage, oriental dance classes will help you make your dream come true. Upon request, our students take part in various parties, themed concerts and competitions. Today, a huge number of oriental dance festivals and competitions are held in Ukraine and abroad, where everyone can take part and perform in different categories (from juniors to seniors, and from beginners to pros).

10. Expand your social circle and make new friends. During training, you will meet people who share your passion, and possibly other tastes and views on life. It is not uncommon for dance partners to become friends outside of the gym.

So join our dance family and live an interesting and fulfilling life!

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