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Amira Abdi Oriental Dance School

An inspiring dance!

The first school of oriental dance in Kyiv!

We invite everyone, regardless of age, physical shape and body constitution, to attend oriental dance classes 

школа східніх танців Аміра, східні танці Київ

Our achievements

    The first school of oriental dance "Amira" in Kyiv was created by professional choreographer, dancer and orientalist Amira Abdi in 2003.

From 2004 to 2020, the school operated on the basis of the course network of the Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    From 2004 to 2012, the best students of the school, together with the principal Amira Abdi, represented Ukraine every year at the Ahlan wa Sahlan and Nilegroup International Festivals_cc781905-5c6de-35cf58d  Cairo (Egypt).

    Since 2005, the students and teachers of the school have been participating in international and all-Ukrainian oriental dance competitions, where they successfully demonstrate a high level of training, regularly winning prizes.

    In June 2006, a group of schoolgirls led by Amira Abdi presented Ukraine for the first time at the Amani International Oriental Dance Festival in Junia (Lebanon), and the head of the school - Amira Abdi became the honorary representative of this festival in Ukraine.

    In 2006, the head of the school, Amira Abdi, organized the first oriental dance concert in Ukraine accompanied by the philharmonic symphony orchestra.

      In 2008, the head of the school Amira Abdiana organized the first International Festival of Oriental Dance in Kyiv - the Arabian Dance Competition. as judges and teachers of world-famous oriental dance choreographers: Magdi El Lacey (Egypt), Shahlo (Uzbekistan), Leila Giuvanna and Roland (Germany). She also organized the visit to Ukraine and master classes of the world-famous Lebanese dancer Amani f Lebanon.

From 2005 to 2020, Amira Abdi's oriental dance collective held reporting concerts and professional commercial concerts several times a year in the Central House of Officers in Kyiv.

    Famous dancers and musicians from different countries of the world, including Milada Kuhpezadeh, percussion (Iran), Anas Alhimidi, percussion (Morocco), were guests of Amira Abdi's concert programs. , Behzad Abdi, vocals (Iran), Oleksandr Ostapenko, percussion (Russia), Leila Jovana and Roland (Germany), Shahla (Uzbekistan), Magdi El Lacy (Egypt). At the invitation of Amira Abdi, masters of oriental dance such as Amani Ayoub (Lebanon), Khaled Abdelrahim (Syria), Magdi El Lacey (Egypt) and others visited the "Amira" studio with their master classes.

    In 2009, choreographer Amira Abdi founded the first professional ensemble of oriental dance in Ukraine on the basis of the school of oriental dance "Amira", named after the ancient Sumerian goddess of love "Ishtar".

      Amira later changed the format of the ensemble, expanding it and making it accessible to anyone who wants to learn and dance on stage.

In 2017, the Amira Abdi Oriental Dance Ensemble received the honorary title of People's Collective.

    Charitable creative activity of the oriental dance team  Amira Abdi

    In 2014, 2015, 2016  Amira Abdi organized charity concerts in cooperation with the Charity Foundation of the Amira Dance School. , on the basis of the Central House of Officers, where a collection of funds for ATO soldiers and a children's oncology hospital was held.


    From 2004 to 2020  Amira Abdi and her folk ensemble took part in concerts organized by the Department of Military Culture of the ZBO , hospitals, military units for ATO participants, conscripts, cadets, officers and members of their families, war and labor veterans.

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