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Розклад школи східних танців "Аміра"

Печерський р-н

ст. М. Арсенальна, вул. Князів Острозьких 3, Будинок Культури "Печерськ",

Пн., ср. - 18:20 - Початківці

Пн., ср. - 19:25 - Постановочна група

Шевченківський р-н

Ст. М. Шулявська, Вул. Довженка 3, 4 поверх

Вт.чт. 19:00 - Початківці

Вт. 20:00 - Постановка + стретчінг ( для тих, хто вже займався східнимі танцями)

Тривалість заняття 60 хв.


Oriental dance for beginners

   This is a group for those who have never done belly dancing.

  This class will appeal to everyone who wants to try something new, get in a great mood and get a huge dose of inspiration.

    During the lessons, you will be able to master the basic elements and movements of oriental dance, improve flexibility, posture and coordination of the body, strengthen the muscles of the arms, hips and back. You will learn to understand oriental music and express yourself in dance. Age, physique and previous training do not matter, the main thing is the desire to dance and develop.

Oriental dances, intermediate level and above

    If you have already practiced oriental dances and want to learn new techniques and choreography, this group is just for you.

   During training, we study productions in different styles of oriental dance, dance with accessories, get acquainted with the basics of improvisation and acting skills, study rhythms in Arabic music.

    If desired, students can participate in school parties, competitions, concerts and festivals.


Individual dance choreography

    Do you want to impress your friends with a luxurious dance, make an unforgettable surprise for your loved one or prepare for a competition - let professional choreographer Amir Abdi create an incredible dance just for you.

   The dance will be created taking into account your level of training, body features and wishes regarding music and dance style.

    For 20 years Amira Abdi has created more than 100 individual dances for her students, including winners of international and all-Ukrainian oriental dance competitions.

    You dream of your unique dance - sign up for classes and confidently step towards your goal. You can also buy or rent an original oriental dance costume from us. Contact the choreographer for details.

Time and duration  of training  is discussed with the teacher in advance

Individual lesson of
oriental dance technique

    If You want quick results, wish to master the art of oriental dance in a short time, then your choice is individual training.

    We recommend an individual training format to those who:

  • needs more attention from the teacher, and wants a detailed explanation of the technique

  •  has a special work schedule and does not get for group classes

  •  wishes to prepare for the performance as best as possible

  •  feels uncomfortable in a group

Time and duration  of training  is discussed with the teacher in advance

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