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Most ancient dance in the world - belly dance with fire - solo Hanna Amira Abdi

Most ancient dance in the world - belly dance with fire - solo Hanna Amira Abdi

Thank you for watching! Please Subscribe to the our channel! Don’t forget to Subscribe to Instagram amiraabdi_orientaldance. Oriental belly dance is concidered to be one of the most ancient dance forms on the world and symbolizes the awakening of the sacred energy of Mother Godess in every woman. We are happy to present you one of the most beautiful and captivating dances in the world - oriental belly dance with candels This dance was choreographed by Amira Abdi and performed with her students during the concert of oriental dance school "Amira" in Kiev 3/07/2014 Amira Abdi is a professional oriental dancer (belly dancer), oriental dance teacher, director and producer of dance shows. She is the founder of the first and the biggest oriental belly dance school in Kiev. New belly dance style Amira Abdi created her own unique style of oriental belly dance - called Belly dance Aesthetics which she sucsessfully teaches to her students during 12 years. This style of belly dance is based on deep analyse of different styles of oriental dance (Turkish, Lebanese, Egyptian etc.), classical ballet and silk road dances and careful selection of the most aestetic (beautifully looking) movements, steps and poses. Beautiful hands and arms movents, turns and rotations used in silk road dances were added to Amira's style of oriental dance to make belly dancing look refined and graceful. Belly dance aestetics works not only with rhythm but also with melody pattern, special flexible body and hand moves, backbends and body tilts are used to emphasis lyrical mood of nei, violin/kamanche. Different kinds of turns are used to show sacred and spiritual feeling of nei, duduk and different kinds of middle eastern wind instrument. Belly dance Aestetics rejects all vulgar, heavy movements, brutal body shaking such as shaaby belly dance even if they are authentic because not everything which exists in folk dances should by shown on puplic. Costumes in Belly Dance Aestetics should look rich, sparkling and refined. No broken jeans, poor village dresses and lingerie looking bra. The main idea of belly dance aestetics is to discover natural beauty and power of every woman, awakening a Goddess, making her looking like a Queen not only on stage but in real life Историки считают восточный танец живота одним из самых древних танцев в мире. Он исполнялся в древних храмах Финикии (совр.Ливан), Месопотамии (совр. Ирак) и Египта и символизировал пробуждение в женщине силы Великой Богини Матери Сценическая интерпретация восточного танца в постановке профессионального хореографа и танцовщицы Амиры Абди.
Oriental Dance school Amira Kyiv
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