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Professional Belly Dancing

What   form of clothing is required for oriental dance classes?

You can wear leggings and a top to class, and if you wish, tie an oriental scarf with coins or fringe on your hips. An alternative can be yoga pants, shorts or a skirt, preferably one that opens your legs, because the teacher needs to see the work of your legs, a tight tank top or sports swimsuit is also suitable. You can practice in ballet flats, ballet flats, socks or barefoot. Sneakers with thick soles and high heels are not suitable.

Can I lose weight doing belly dancing?

Yes, oriental dancing is an effective type of physical activity that combines moderate cardio loads and exercises for flexibility, as well as for the mobility of the spine and joints. During classes, body and brain tissues are enriched with oxygen, blood circulation and metabolism improve, abdominal and back muscles are strengthened. All this contributes to the normalization of body weight and improvement of general well-being.

I have never danced/sports, can I learn to dance?

So! Oriental dances are built on the natural movement of the female body, and do not require the dancer to exceed her capabilities, like classical ballet or rhythmic gymnastics. We believe that every woman has natural abilities for plastic movement to music, you just need to reveal your potential! Our experienced teachers and the author's method of professional choreographer Amira Abdi, which has been proving its effectiveness for many years, will help you in this.

How fast will I learn to dance?

Mastering the basic movements of oriental dances is not so difficult if you practice regularly. After a few months, you will see  noticeable progress and will be able to please your loved ones and acquaintances with a simple dance. However, true mastery can only be achieved by long and hard training under the guidance of a professional choreographer.

Where can I perform?

In the oriental dance lessons, in groups of intermediate level and above, we study programmed group and solo dances. If you wish, you can participate in the festival or competition alone or as part of a group. Also, our school regularly participates in various charity events and concerts   and organizes its own dance parties, so you will definitely have the opportunity to demonstrate your talent.


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